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Webroot is a prominent Antivirus solution that a great tool to achieve device security. Read below the process of purchase and Webroot Download.

Purchasing a product

Complete the process of Webroot Download easily, using your Laptop or PC. In order to start with this, you need to buy a valid Webroot subscription. To purchase a product as per your need, you can follow the below-given steps. 

  • To start with, open any web browser that suits your convenience. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc any amongst these can be used. No matter which browser you choose the only condition is that it should be of the most updated version.
  • Now, in the browser window, get to the address bar, and type “webroot.com” here with the help of your keyboard and press enter. This is the official site of Webroot Antivirus Solution. From here you can purchase a product of your choice. 
  • This will directly take you to the home page of the official site of Webroot. On this home page, locate the header band. In this header band, there are icons for various product ranges that Webroot Antivirus offers.
  • Initially, you have to opt for any option amongst the two broad categories, namely, “For Home” or “For Business” depending upon your requirement. 
  • Once you click on the icon for any of the options that are present in the header bar you will see a dialog box that contains various plans from that category. 
  • You can examine all plans by clicking on them one after the other.
  • It can be possible that multiple options are creating confusion in your mind. You can take the help of the “Help Me Choose” option that is available for you. This option asks a few questions from you, that are generally about the devices’ security needs that you are looking for. Once it has analyzed the prerequisites you provide here you get the apt plan that is suitable as per your requirement. 
  • Otherwise, if there is more than one plan that is appealing to you, but you can not zero down on just one then, use the “Compare Products” option. This option helps you figure out the features of all the plans you wish to compare. 
  • After you have selected one plan, click on the icon of that particular plan. 
  • This now takes you again to the window containing the details about this plan. In this window, you will see a separate dialog box where you have to select the number of devices that wish to protect. Also, you have to provide the duration(in years) for which you want to buy the product. 
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the “Add To Cart” button in the same dialog box. 
  • You now reach the “Your Cart” window, you have to complete the process of purchase here. For this, you are required to enter all the personal details listed below in their respective fields. 
    • First, enter the email address in the respective field. 
    • Enter your First Name and Last Name in the separate fields. 
    • Then, enter the billing address in the given field.
    • Enter the name of your city from the drop-down menu list. 
    • Now, select the name of your state from the drop-down list.
    • In the end, enter the postal code in the respective field.
  • After entering your personal details you have to enter the payment option you choose to pay through. You have the option to pay through either “PayPal” or use any of your Credit/Debit Card.  
  • After giving all details click the “Buy Now” button. 
  • Now as per the payment mode you opt for, you have to authenticate your payment. 
  • With this the purchase process for Webroot Download is complete. 
  • Later, you will get a “Purchase Confirmation Email” on the Email id you have provided earlier. 
Webroot Download

Webroot Download – Downloading the Product

After purchasing the product you need to start the procedure for Webroot Download. For that, follow the below-given steps  

  • Start with opening a Web Browser. Out of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Internet Edge, you can choose any web browser. 
  • After launching the web browser, you have to open the official site. 
  • For this, reach the address bar in the browser window and type “webroot.com” then press enter. 
  • As a result, this will again redirect you to the homepage of Webroot. On this home page, you have to find a “My Account” icon in the top header band. Click on this icon. 
  • To proceed further you need a Webroot Account. If you already have a Webroot account, you can directly login by entering your user credentials. 
  • Otherwise, if you do not have a Webroot account earlier, you can create one now. 
  • Click on the Create Account option. This option asks you for the following details. 
    • Webroot Product Keycode – This key code is the same that is sent to you in the confirmation mail. You have received this mail after the completion of the purchase process.
    • Email Address – enter the email id that you have provided earlier. This will now be your Username for login credentials. 
    • Repeat Email Address – enter the same email address one more time. 
    • Password – Here, you need to create a strong password. This password has to be above 9 characters. You need to include both the upper case and the lower case in typing your password. Do not forget to add at least 3 numeric figures in the password you create. You can use special characters in your password (excluding ‘<’ ‘>’).
    • Repeat Password – Now, retype the password that you just created. 
    • Your Personal Security Code – Thereafter, you have to enter a memorable word or number. This code must have a minimum of 6 characters (excluding ‘<’ ‘>’). You have to choose a code that is easy to remember because you’ll be asked to enter two characters of it every time you log in. For instance, the system might ask you to enter the first and fifth characters of the code. 
    • Security Question – You know have to select a question that only you can answer correctly. This question comes handy in case you forget your password. 
    • Security Answer – provide the answer to the question that you have selected.
  • Thereafter, click on the “Register Now” button. This will complete the process of Account creation for Webroot Download. 
  • After the account creation, you need to Log in to your account using the device in which you want to complete the Webroot Download. 
  • In order to login to your account with Webroot that you have just created, enter your user credentials correctly. 
  • After logging in, you will be directed to your account’s home page, where you can find the details of the product purchased by you earlier. Here, you will get a link for Webroot Download.
  • Now, click on this link and you will see that the download process starts. You can check the progress of Webroot Download at the bottom of your browser window. 
  • Repeat the process of Webroot login to your account and Webroot Download in all the devices for which you have purchased your product. 

The process for Webroot Download is over with this. You can use the product now, as per your needs to protect your devices from malware threats and viruses.    

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